The types of electrical insulation dmd paper

                            DMD insulation paper has good dielectric and mechanical properties, and is suitable for slot insulation and turn-to-turn insulation in motors and electrical appliances.
                            The types of DMD insulation paper are 6630 B-DMD and 6641 F-DMD.
                            6630 B-DMD is a laminated material ,made of polyester film coated with B class adhesive on both sides and polyester fiber non-woven fabric on both sides. The heat resistance class is B class. Color is white.

                            6641 F-DMD is made by bonding and compounding polyester fiber non-woven fabric and polyester film on both sides with F class heat resistant adhesive. The heat resistance class of this product is F class. The colors of 6641 F-DMD are pink, white, blue, and green.And also can print logo.
                            DMD insulation paper can be applied to ordinary motors, high-voltage motors,  dry-type transformers, reactors, transformers, etc.
                            To choose DMD insulation paper, you must choose a formal and powerful manufacturer. The powerful manufacturer strictly abides by the national standard, and each process is maximized and meticulously managed. The product is meticulous, and the product will be strictly inspected before leaving the factory. Therefore, its product quality and reputation are unquestionable, and it is natural to be assured of cooperation with it.


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