Insulation Crepe Paper

                            Main Parameters: 

                            Disk diameter: 210-220mm

                            Width: 20、25、30、35、40mm 

                            Length: 100m

                            Can be customized

                            product information

                            Description of Insulation Crepe Paper

                            —Crepe paper is made of insulating kraft paper with creping. It has very good oil-soluble properties, stable electrochemical index and high physical strength.
                            —Especially as lead parts of the insulation package, thereby improving the electrical insulation and mechanical properties of the product structure.
                            —Creped Papers are ideally suited to insulate irregular shapes and surfaces where a proper insulation can not be reached with flat papers. Specialities were developed for applications as magnet wire insulation, as layer insulation, in current transformers, in RIP bushings or as shielding material

                            Main features of the Insulation Crepe Paper

                            —High purity and high oil-absorption
                            —Good dielectric strength
                            —Excellent compatibility with insulating liquids (mineral oils, silicon oils and ascerol oils). 
                            —Free from conductive particles
                            —Disk diameter: 210-220mm
                            —Width: 20、25、30、35、40mm 
                            —Length: 100m
                            *Can be customized

                            Technical Parameters




                            Electrical insulation crepe paper is used in interturn insulation for coils of oil-immersed transformers and interlayer insulation of distribution transformers.

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